Monday, September 26, 2016

{Our Weekend Recap} 9/23/2016 - 9/25/2016 In Pictures...



Saturday Night


{Weight Watchin'} Before/After

I have to confess that ever since we went to the beach for Labor Day, I have not been nearly as strict with myself as I was before. Oops. Hey, it happens.

I haven't gained any thank goodness but I also haven't lost much. This week I have vowed to get back in gear...
Pictures are a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation for me. I love a good before/after so just for fun, I thought I would share one of us.

Happy then, happy now. Not so healthy then - healthier now. That is what counts!

Ok, so for the update. I have lost 33 pounds. I haven't even been keeping up with Ben because its constantly changing. I just know he's hot...;)

I have fallen in love with these pre-made salads from Walmart Market up the road from my office. I think Bistro is the brand. Anyway, they come with lettuce (duh) and then a little tray of toppings and dressing. Just enough and not that many points for lunch. Picked up some Bagel Thins for breakfast with some light cream cheese and tried some new Veggie Straws in ranch the other day that are so, so good. Oscar Myer deli rotisserie chicken lunch meat is my new favorite for wraps. Fruits and vegetables are still a necessity!

I've been bad and drinking Diet Dew's my WEAKNESS. Planning to cut those back this week as well.
Ben told me the other day, 'it's a marathon not a sprint'. He's so right.

Here's to this week!

Friday, September 16, 2016

...and just like that, it's been almost a month since I blogged. I have so much to catch up on! I'm looking forward to sitting down and updating you all...just got to find a few minutes. :)

A little snapshot from our beach trip, which I plan on sharing about soon!

Y'all have a great weekend!

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