Tuesday, August 23, 2016

{Our Weekend Recap} 8/19/2016 - 8/21/2016

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Friday, my Mom picked Cooper up from school early and took him to a few fun things and then to her house to swim. The plan was for him to spend the night, but that didn't happen...I'll explain later in the post.

I got off work, went home and got in my PJs...Ben was fishing in a night tournament, Cooper was with my Mom and I had NO plans. Never happens, and I was actually thinking I would do a beauty night. Nails, toes, scrub, mask, deep conditioner, etc. Well...
Mom told me that she was going to take Cooper to get a little something. Ha! That truck is big as he is.

The handsome boy above had other plans. He told Mom earlier in the afternoon that his tummy hurt. She asked if he needed to potty or go home and he said no, so they went on about their day. She did say that when they were in Target shopping for a new toy, that he laid his little head on the buggy (red flag). She said he asked about me a few times as well, which is unusual when he is with her. He is typically all about his grandparents when they are around.

So, she called me when they got home and said he was asking for me again. That was all it took...Mommy to the rescue! He had gone to the restroom a few times as well, so I knew he had an upset tummy. I got there to pick him and he was acting a little better. I asked him if he wanted to stay and he said no, again NOT like him. We left and got home and he kind of laid around. Then all of the sudden, he was fine. He was really hungry too so he ate a little pizza and that was it. Just a little bug I guess. Can't stand when my baby was sick! I know he is always in great hands with my mom, but I just want him with me when he doesn't feel well. You know?

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early getting ready for the Just A Call Away 5k/Fun Run in Birmingham. My MIL and I signed up for it a while back. There was great turn out and such a wonderful cause for the Crisis Center of Birmingham. Suicide prevention is a cause near and dear to my heart and it is imperative that we spread the message that "hope is on the line" and ensure lines stay open and have proper funding!

After the run, we headed home and Ben was working in the yard. The roses needed cutting back so I got to make a pretty little bouquet.

We had dinner plans with our friends Daniel and Meghan Saturday night.
I'm lucky I get to date this guy!
We went to one of our favorites, Bamboo on 2nd. We had a 2 hour wait so we walked down to Collins while we waited. Dinner was excellent. I had sushi, and Ben had ramen and sushi. All of it was delicious! We love nights like that with our sweet friends.
My sushi, rainbow and spicy tuna.
Ben's ramen...so good!

Sunday was low-key and relaxing...just what we needed to prepare for the week ahead!
Cooper went with a casual look for church this Sunday! ;)
Rounded out the weekend with some letter tracing!
Hope y'all had a beautiful weekend as well!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The BIG 3-0!

No, not my age...yet. I still have a little over a year and 3 months for that one. Not that I'm counting...

How fitting right? A cupcake...
That is the number of pounds gone since May 16th, 2016.

Ben has lost even more than that...40lbs! I can see it so much on him too, it's amazing. He finally broke down and got new Carhartts, because his others looked so big/baggy. It's just blows my mind the difference on him.

On me, it's harder to see. Isn't that always the case? My clothes are fitting pretty loose though and I've purchased a couple new things in a smaller size. That's been fun. Me and mom were talking about the fact that eventually I will need new clothes, how tragic! We will HAVE to go shopping I guess. ;)

So, here are the details...I am still sticking to Weight Watchers. My daily number of points has steadily decreased as I've lost, so I am relying a lot more on 0 point fresh fruits and veggies as snacks and sides to keep within my points everyday. It's tough sometimes, I won't lie to you. You really miss those 1 or 2 points when they are taken away, but I realize that is how the system works. Otherwise you would just maintain vs. lose.

It really makes you evaluate what you are eating and ask yourself if it is worth the points. Sometimes the answer is YES! Like say, my morning coffee with good creamer...for me that is always a yes. Reason being, I enjoy it, it is something I look forward to - so it is like my treat everyday. Now, a big piece of cake? Probably a NO, because as good as it may be - it would consume so many of my daily points and yet give me no protein, no energy, no nutrients in return. Of course, every now and then I splurge. It's not about being perfect...it's about being better.
I think I mentioned before, but since I started this journey it seems like there has constantly been a birthday, catered lunch or donuts at work! Ha! It's a test I guess...

I'll outline what I'm having today to give you an idea the types of foods I have on a daily basis.
Breakfast - Coffee with 2 tbsp. fat free French vanilla creamer and 2 packs of artificial sweetner. (2 servings of this coffee), 1 c. sliced strawberries. *I realize there was no protein in my breakfast...I was in a rush this morning. 6sp (sp = Smart Points).
Lunch - 1 c. of leftover chicken sautéed with peppers (recipe is in this post, if you are interested), small salad with 1 tbsp. light ranch. 5sp.
Dinner -  TBD *I'm not exactly sure what we are having as of right now...but I have 15sp left for maybe a 10 or 12sp dinner and another 2 or 3sp snack or so in the evening.
Snacks - 2 tbsp. roasted red pepper hummus with bell pepper slices 2sp, rosemary and olive oil Triscuits 4sp, Greek yogurt 2sp.
I try to keep those snacks small in points, and I save the majority of points for dinner - so I can have something good. *I realize breakfast should technically be the largest meal, so the calories are burned off by bedtime. I just don't have a big appetite in the morning, so that is why I plan my days this way.

Struggles for me is still exercise...once I get up and going, it's not bad, in fact it feels great. It's just keeping up the motivation to do so.
Getting discouraged...this one is a biggie. Reminding myself "you didn't gain in a day, you won't lose in a day" (anybody else HATE that saying? Ha!). Sometimes the scale won't budge...even when you've done good. That's a bummer...but then it moves again and it's exciting.
Becoming bored with my food choices...I get in a rut and burn myself out on certain foods... like avocado, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. I've really been trying to make a conscious effort to change things up for my meals and try new things.

WOW this was long and rambling. Oops! If you have any questions feel free to email me @ eleniecounts@gmail.com!

Friday, August 19, 2016

{Things I Never Want to Forget} Cooper's Chores

I pinned this pin not long ago, and it got me thinking about Cooper and his "chores" that we expect him to do. Clearly, he is only 3 almost 4 years old so he doesn't have any major, strenuous tasks. 

He's learning, good behavior = occasional rewards! Also, please excuse our Christmas PJ's...we get our moneys worth out of them and wear them all year long. ;)

  • After dinner, we ask that he put his plate, fork, etc. away...He always throws his plate away (if paper, sink if not) for us which is great - Mom just has to make sure a good fork or spoon didn't go in the trash with it. Lol!
"You asked me to put my plate in the garbage - you never mentioned where to put the fork" ;)

  • Before bath time, he has learned to take off his own clothes, shoes and socks and put them in the laundry basket. He takes his shoes and puts them in his room as well.
"Scooty" - the bear Coop made at Build A Bear Day at school.
  • We expect him to pick up any toys, blankets, anything that was brought out - either outside, downstairs in the den or in his room after he is done playing with them, and definitely before we go upstairs for his bedtime. That way he goes to sleep in a tidy room every night ( I cannot sleep with a mess, so I assume he wouldn't be able to either. Lol).
  • He often sets the table for us. Not every night - sometimes he is playing outside AND we definitely encourage that, especially this day and age!
  • He has gotten to where he wants to brush his own teeth/comb his own hair. I follow behind him just to make sure - but he really does a good little job. These signs of independence are bittersweet for me.
Not a chore, but a favorite of mine nevertheless...he says our blessing each night at dinner. We have a couple we choose from, and he picks which one and starts it...then we join. Moment like that are whate life is really about, you know?
These may seem simple, but they are good habits that I hope will make things easier for him as he grows.
He makes us so, so proud. Every single day!

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