Wednesday, July 27, 2016

{What's Up/What's Hap-pinning Wednesday 7-27-2016}

I love link-ups, they are a great way to meet and connect with new and old blog friends! I decided to join two today...Jessi and Shay

The list of questions...

What We're Eating This Week
Well, seeing how Ben and I are both watching what we eat (down around 30 lbs. each, #yay!) we are staying on our plan and having lots of fruits, veggies and lean meats. We had a lighter version of my spaghetti on Monday using ground turkey vs. beef and whole wheat pasta.
It was great and we didn't miss the calories.
We are planning on skirt steak or kabobs one night, as well as these stuffed bell peppers.
They are excellent!

What I'm Reminiscing About
I think I am always reminiscing about when Cooper was little bitty. I look back at pictures and wonder where in the world time has gone? The little person he has become is absolutely priceless.
I have loved every single stage of his life, each just as special as the one before!

What I'm Loving
My new purse...
Funny SnapChat filters with my buddy.
This necklace.
New goodies I have picked up over the past few weeks for our future home. I have a post planned with more details.
This magic little bottle of powder. It made the biggest difference while doing hair for the wedding this past weekend, as well as with my own hair. It gives the roots a little grit, so it has much more volume and staying power. I am very impressed with this product!

What We've Been Up To
Trying to stay cool...It's a struggle.
No, really it is July in Alabama so we have been in the baby pool or Poppy's pool non-stop. We've been trying to get out and do some fun things around town with Cooper as well. As always, we are spending as much time with friends and family as possible.

What I'm Dreading
I can't think of anything I have to dread right now...maybe I'm dreading how many days there are until the weekend. ;)

What I'm Working On
As I mentioned above, my husband Ben and I are both working on becoming healthier. I am proud of our progress and excited to see what is to come. It's amazing how much better we feel already. I go into a little more detail in this post if you are interested in our journey.
April - July

What I'm Excited About
We just got the news that two of our very best friends are expecting their first baby! We are over the moon for them!

What I'm Watching/Reading
Well, with a busy 3 year old I don't get a lot of down time to read, so the only reading I really get is you all's precious blogs and a few bedtime stories for Cooper. As far as what I'm watching...Golden Girls reruns on DVR. It's all I ever watch for about 30 minutes before bed (I can quote every episode - if you are wondering.). We don't watch a ton of TV in our house for whatever reason.

What I'm Listening To
Right this very second...Kari Jobe Radio on Pandora. Otherwise, a mix of it all. I like The Rick and Bubba Show in the mornings and in the afternoons anything goes, really.

What I'm Wearing
LOL! A floral maxi...I talked about my floral obsession in this post. It's a problem. Basically for the past few months I have been wearing anything that doesn't make me sweltering hot.

What I'm Doing This Weekend
We are hoping to take Cooper to see a movie at the drive-in and run to Bass Pro Shops, since they are right there by each other. He loves to go see the fish in Bass Pro. Maybe go to dinner one night and shop a little. I think Ben is fishing and I am having brunch with my girlfriends at Big Bad Breakfast on Saturday morning.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month
We are headed to the beach the end of next month and it cannot get here fast enough. We haven't been since we went for our 5 year anniversary back in May. Cooper hasn't been since last year. Ben looked at me in the car the other day and said he could not wait to be at the beach. I agree!

What Else Is New
I think that about covers it. Hope y'all are having a great week. If you are stopping by for the first time...say hey, I'd love to "meet you". :)

Monday, July 25, 2016

{Our Weekend Recap} 7/22/2016 - 7/24/2016

We had a fun, busy wedding weekend for our family. Ben's (our) cousin Joanna got married on Friday night at The barn at Shady Lane (precious venue, Birmingham brides.). I did hair and makeup and Cooper was the ring bearer, so it was a busy, but very special day for us all. The rehearsal was on Thursday night, and we had a yummy dinner of Joe's Italian afterwards at Kile's (groom) family's property. Which was gorgeous! Then we headed home to crash before the big day.

Kile and Joanna got Cooper some fun Nerf guns and a coloring book with crayons for being their ring bearer.
He was very excited!

Rehearsing! He and sweet Reese, the flower girl hit it off and played very well together.
 The wedding was at 7:00 on Friday night, but the girls all needed to be ready for pictures by 2:30. So I got up to the venue at around 9:15 to get everything prepared. The girls came around 10:00 and we got started. They are such a sweet group of friends, and that made it very fun and easy to work with.
I loved getting to pull out my makeup stash and play. I don't get the opportunity very often anymore.

Joanna was a beautiful bride. We loved how her hair and makeup turned out. There is not a better feeling in the whole world than making someone look and feel beautiful, especially on their big day!

 These two love each other so much!

This is a sight you rarely see. I'm almost always on the other side of the camera. I was tickled to get a picture with my handsome bow-tie boy!

This big boy did so good carrying his sign down the aisle. He waved to us in the pew and gave Kile a big hug at the end of the aisle. I was so proud. He came to sit with me about half way through which was expected. He and Reese both were very well behaved the whole day!

My boys.

The only picture me and my sweet husband got all weekend. He was so great the whole time helping me out with Cooper.

Cooper's iPad was the savior of the day. I try to limit it when we are home because I don't want him always glued to a screen, but in cases like this it was a great distraction while we waited for wedding time.

The bride and Groom left to sparklers. Cooper loved being a part of that! (I was nervous Daddy's hair was going to go up in flames. Ha!)

Photo booth fun! Love my sweet family.

The wedding was beautiful and very sweet. I cried of course, I always do. The newlyweds are in Mexico and I am jealous. Ha!

We finished up the weekend with me waking up at 6:30 am on Saturday morning when I could have slept in. UGH! Cooper slept until almost 11:00, he was so tired.

Then when Ben came home from fishing we headed to my parents house to swim and Cooper learned to jump off the side into the pool. Which is a big step for us, he is a little shy around the water - which I kind of think is a good thing.

We got ready there and headed to our friends Meghan and Daniel's for dinner on Saturday night. They made shrimp tacos and they were wonderful! It was so fun getting to catch up with them and Cooper loved playing with their dog, Emmy. Daniel also hooked him up with two ice cream cones, so he was a happy camper.

Sunday was LOW key and we just relaxed around the house.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

{my FLORAL obsession}

I think I have a problem.
I am loving all the florals this summer. It seems to be everywhere I look.

Love the the verse more!
I picked up the tunic I have on in this picture, along with another one from a local boutique last week.
Mom spotted this at Ross the other day, and I am looking forward to wearing it soon.

These cute monogrammed makeup bags are sitting in my cart on waiting for me to decide - my current makeup bag has had it and I need a new one. Perfect timing!

Love # 6, 7 and 8!

Love #9!
I pinned this cute burlap door hanger a few days ago, but I can't figure out who sells it. The pin links to a picture only. :(

...and this breathtaking nursery. NO, don't get excited -  it's not what you think. I just like saving ideas for possible future use. I love that it uses the floral on a large scale - I think it helps keep it looking simple and sweet. ;)

Also on were these cute headbands...I haven't pulled the trigger on those though, because I'm not 100% on how I would wear it with my short hair. Maybe with a mini top knot...maybe for the beach? They sure are precious though.

I even saw some floral wedges at Shoe Department last night - definitely not sold on those...a little wild for me.
Speaking of beautiful florals...we have a fun wedding to go to tomorrow night. I am dusting off the rust and doing some hair and makeup and that makes me happy. Also, Cooper is the ring bearer. His first time. All I have to say about that is suspenders and a bow tie are involved. Can't wait!

Y'all have a great weekend!

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