Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ahh! Boo! Coop is TWO!

We had Cooper's 2nd birthday party Sunday. Since he is an October baby, we went with a Halloween theme this year! I was glad the weather was nice so we could have it outside as we planned. It was a very fall-ish day which went with the theme perfectly ;).

I forgot to buy balloon weights and it was a windy day, so I wrapped dried beans in tissue and ribbon. It worked great!
Another amazing Cindy cake...she really is the best. I just give her ideas and she runs with it! I was in love with this one!
I always get a few cupcakes just in case...I used Sam's bakery again and I just stuck spider rings on top.
Cutest birthday boy I've ever seen. He was multitasking with his pizza and jumping.
I had set up a table for the kids to decorate pumpkin cookies...they loved it, but I think the adults loved it more. Haha! Especially the dads. It was cracking me up.
 Coop got so excited about each gift this year. It was so cute! He would say "woohoo" and clap after each one. Haha!

 ...then I sent them home with more sugar. Haha!

Precious babies...

It was such a fun day! Our friends and family are so great and I am so thankful that they love our baby and came to help and celebrate him with us!
We couldn't love our BIG 2 year old more if we tried!
Happy birthday to COOP!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ready for the weekend!

Tomorrow is Friday! This week has flown by for us.

We thought we had a showing Tuesday night, so I spent the day getting the house ready for that. It was pretty straight, but I like to do a deep clean before showings. I have been using Swiffer Wet Jet on my floors for years, but was out of cleaning solution. I decided to try the steamer function on my Shark and loved it! I will never go back!

It turned out that the buyers had to reschedule, so Ben took Cooper to the park while I fixed supper. Ben didn't get any pictures while they were there, but I got this one before they left.
Love them in their caps! Cooper is holding a magnet clip he pulled off the fridge. He loves those things! :)

While they were gone, I fixed BLT's. I feel like all we have eaten lately is some type of sandwich. They have been sounding good to us. Probably because it has been so hot here and they don't heat up your kitchen.

Whenever I give Cooper a sandwich, he immediately deconstructs it and eats each part individually. Ha! Whatever works!

Wednesday started our second week of MDO! He did great again which makes me happy!

 The showings got rescheduled to Wednesday, so while Cooper was at MDO I did a few last minute things. Like scrubbing crayon off our wall. Magic Erasers work great for that-also, the ones from Dollar Tree work just as well as the name brand for a fraction of the cost!

Had to document how spotless these two rooms were with no toys on the floor. ;) It's a rare thing these days!

While the house showed, we went to Tanya's. Then I ran to my friend Emily's new house to "help her paint". I really just talked to her while she painted because she only had one roller and was almost done. I was moral support!

This was while we were at Tanya's. Cooper loves dragging that chair over and running water in her sink. It keeps him busy for the longest! He only does it at their house and couldn't care less about our sink. Lolly's sink must be special!

I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee before our crazy day began this morning.

Cooper woke up with CRAZY bed head and his Bama pj's on. 

He had MDO, so after drop off I met my friend Cindy to go to some consignment shops. Afterwards we had Habanero's for lunch. 
 As soon as we finished up lunch I ran to pick up Cooper and then Ben, because Ben had and appointment to have his wisdom teeth out. Ouch!

  Cooper was pretty good while we waited, maybe his Mimi working at our Dentists' office had something to do with that! She gave him just about every toy out of their prize box!
We "brushed" our teeth and read some books while we were there too!

Poor Dad! He felt a lot better after some pain meds and a milkshake. 

 This is what my boys are doing now and it is sounding pretty good to me too!

We are ready for the weekend!