Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ready for the weekend!

Tomorrow is Friday! This week has flown by for us.

We thought we had a showing Tuesday night, so I spent the day getting the house ready for that. It was pretty straight, but I like to do a deep clean before showings. I have been using Swiffer Wet Jet on my floors for years, but was out of cleaning solution. I decided to try the steamer function on my Shark and loved it! I will never go back!

It turned out that the buyers had to reschedule, so Ben took Cooper to the park while I fixed supper. Ben didn't get any pictures while they were there, but I got this one before they left.
Love them in their caps! Cooper is holding a magnet clip he pulled off the fridge. He loves those things! :)

While they were gone, I fixed BLT's. I feel like all we have eaten lately is some type of sandwich. They have been sounding good to us. Probably because it has been so hot here and they don't heat up your kitchen.

Whenever I give Cooper a sandwich, he immediately deconstructs it and eats each part individually. Ha! Whatever works!

Wednesday started our second week of MDO! He did great again which makes me happy!

 The showings got rescheduled to Wednesday, so while Cooper was at MDO I did a few last minute things. Like scrubbing crayon off our wall. Magic Erasers work great for that-also, the ones from Dollar Tree work just as well as the name brand for a fraction of the cost!

Had to document how spotless these two rooms were with no toys on the floor. ;) It's a rare thing these days!

While the house showed, we went to Tanya's. Then I ran to my friend Emily's new house to "help her paint". I really just talked to her while she painted because she only had one roller and was almost done. I was moral support!

This was while we were at Tanya's. Cooper loves dragging that chair over and running water in her sink. It keeps him busy for the longest! He only does it at their house and couldn't care less about our sink. Lolly's sink must be special!

I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee before our crazy day began this morning.

Cooper woke up with CRAZY bed head and his Bama pj's on. 

He had MDO, so after drop off I met my friend Cindy to go to some consignment shops. Afterwards we had Habanero's for lunch. 
 As soon as we finished up lunch I ran to pick up Cooper and then Ben, because Ben had and appointment to have his wisdom teeth out. Ouch!

  Cooper was pretty good while we waited, maybe his Mimi working at our Dentists' office had something to do with that! She gave him just about every toy out of their prize box!
We "brushed" our teeth and read some books while we were there too!

Poor Dad! He felt a lot better after some pain meds and a milkshake. 

 This is what my boys are doing now and it is sounding pretty good to me too!

We are ready for the weekend!



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The past couple of days...

Sunday, Ben had requested chicken salad for supper. I'm always on the hunt for a new, great chicken salad recipe, so I looked on Pinterest and found one that called for ingredients we already had on hand. I did open the freezer to pull out some chicken and realized we were out of that. Ha! Kind of an important ingredient. I was getting ready to run to the store and Ben offered to go for me. Keep in mind I sent him for chicken and Diet Mtn. Dew...
 Haha! Does this not look like such a man's grocery haul? Potato chips and snack cakes. I could not stop laughing...especially when he said he HAD to get them, they were on sale 4 for $5. Needless to say Cooper had his first oatmeal pie Sunday night and he loved it!

While I cooked, the boys watched some TV and played. Aladdin was on Disney! I just can't hardly watch that movie the same way with Robin Williams gone :(

After we ate and got Cooper down, we straightened up the kitchen and living room. While I was cleaning I decided to run Cooper's blocks through the washer. I do this periodically with his plastic and stuffed toys. I just use a lingerie garmet bag and run it on the cool/cool cycle. I even threw the plastic bag that we keep the blocks in this time. Came out perfect!
Now he has nice clean blocks for the week :)

Monday, Cooper slept until about 8:30 and since it wasn't a MDO day, we took our time and ate breakfast and played. A little later after lunch, we decided to get out and about. We ran to this place called Burke's Outlet. I'm not sure if they are everywhere or just in the south, but it is similar to a Ross Dress for Less or a TJMaxx. Only more junky. Ha! It is so hit or miss there. Sometimes you find lots and sometimes not. 
They must have gotten a shipment in yesterday though because there was lots. I did well and only spent $35, although there are a few things I wish I would've grabbed.
Here are my finds. I honestly went to see if that little round picture frame was still there from the last time I went, and it was, There were actually two! The bird cage is my favorite though. It was on clearance! I filled it with a bag of potpourri I found there in the colors of our living room!
While Cooper napped, I played around with where I wanted everything to go.
I didn't buy the canvas yesterday, but I did buy the little stand it is on. It kept falling over so I was glad to find this, plus I liked the little crystal knobs. I love the saying on the canvas!

Last night, we had leftover steak for supper-steak sandwiches. Afterwards we had planned to go to the park, but we stayed home due to all the rain and just played inside. These two did some talking. Ha! They both look so guilty in this picture to me. Like they were telling secrets! :)

I gave Cooper his bath and Ben ran to Dairy Queen. He does that randomly and surprises me.
Ben came in as I was about to comb Cooper's hair. He stuck it up all over his head. Coop thought he looked so silly!

Once Cooper was down, Gladiator was on so we watched that and ate our ice cream.

I was sleeping SO good last night until a HUGE storm rolled through at 4:00am. It was the loudest thunder I have ever heard. I thought our windows were going to rattle out of place! Crazy!

We have a showing tonight, so I've got to get to cleaning! Hope your week is great so far!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Weekend

This is my 300th post! Hard to believe!

My house is SO quiet right now. Both of my boys are still napping, and I just woke up. It was glorious. I thought while I have a minute I would tell you about our weekend, but don't pass out from shock that I'm blogging two days in a row...I am drinking a diet Mtn. Dew, with my candle lit, in the quiet, blogging. This never happens!

Anyway, Ben told me earlier in the week that he wanted to grill for us on Friday night. He is in a bass club that fish tournaments on Saturdays sometimes and when they do he always makes the Friday night before into a date night- whether we go out or eat in. He made us grilled BBQ chicken, grilled corn and potato salad. It was so good! We headed to bed early because he had to be up before the sun.

Saturday Cooper and I slept in and I made french toast for breakfast. Then I finished some laundry up while Cooper destroyed the house, I mean, played. ;) Then we ran to Walmart for some velcro. Ever since we switched to Uverse, our cable box has had to sit on our mantle-the TV is mounted about the fireplace-and it gets on my nerves, so we are going to rig it up. Once Ben got home we got ready to go eat steaks at his Aunt's house and cut his Uncle's hair. We stopped by a redbox on our way home and got a movie, but I barely stayed awake through it. 

This morning was church, and we were LATE! So late that we missed Sunday school all together. It was just one of those mornings, nothing bad happened or anything, we were just moving slow for whatever reason. 

We did make it in time to get a seat thank goodness because it was packed today! Our church hosted the local football team and their families. I loved seeing all of the guys all dressed up. It was really sweet! Even if I am yellow jacket at heart and these guys are golden gophers ;)

 After church we always eat with Ben's family. We rotate between his mom (Tanya), and his two aunts. Today was at Tanya's. 
This boy gets ALL the attention, ALL the time! Ha! Look at him playing with his track and everyone crowded around watching and clapping. He is the center of our world, that is for sure! Not real sure what will happen when siblings and cousins come along...:)

Oh and Tanya had this awesome honey bun cake for dessert. I need to get the recipe and pass it along. It and some coffee is heavenly. You could honestly eat it for breakfast!
Well, I'm off to make chicken salad for supper since Ben requested it. Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mother's Day Out 2014

Cooper started Mother's Day Out this past Wednesday! This is pretty exciting in our house considering the fact that he has been by my side everyday for the 22 months of his little life. :) 

We chose to place him in a program at a local church that we don't attend, but most of Ben's family still does. We had heard great things about it from friends and we felt very comfortable with our choice. We registered him back in the spring, but because he was not yet 18 months old he would start in the fall (now). I have been preparing myself for his first day since the day we registered him. I knew it would be a little tough at first, but kept telling myself "it's good for him, it's good for me". AND guess what? IT IS! It has been wonderful for us both. He is able to play (HARD, he is always a sweaty mess when I pick him up from playing outside) and interact with other kids and I am able to have around 4 hours to get things done around the house or run errands. He only goes 3 days a week, so we can still do lots of fun things together earlier in the week, then at the end of the week while he is in school I can accomplish so much. It really is the best of both worlds...I'm rambling. 

In a nutshell, his teachers are awesome! I can text them to check in and they don't mind at all and they love on my baby. The director of the program is a sweetheart and he is having a ball. I couldn't ask for more.

How about a few pictures from the first week?!

I put together some gifts for his teachers using some free printables I found on Pinterest. 

I packed his little (actually not so little, Ben was laughing at me because I packed everything in our pantry) lunch!
 and we were all set for the big day!

We had Cooper a little 'First Day of School' set up for when he woke up! I just found everything at Dollar case you were wondering, the balloons were the biggest hit! ;)
7:30 was early for this guy. He usually sleeps until at least 9:00!
We got ready and took some pictures with this little sign I had made. The shop name is Classeigh Inks if anybody is interested.
He was tired of pictures and ready to go in!
He walked in so big, went in his class and headed straight for the toy box. We signed him in and left. It was a lot easier than I thought!
He had a great week! His teachers said he played well with others and doesn't stop. LOL! I told them he's been that way his whole life. He goes 100% unless he's asleep. We are so proud of our boy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bestie's Precious Cargo Baby Shower!

Alyssa, my bestie since we were babies, is having a baby GIRL! Her husband is in the Air Force and stationed in North Dakota, so when she came home for a month we knew we had to do something special for her! This is her first baby and we are ALL tickled pink for this little angel!

We went with a pink and navy "Precious Cargo" theme to play off her Daddy being in the Air Force!

 Ben surprised me with a Silhouette for our anniversary, so I had a ball making the decorations!

We had everyone write notes to Mommy and Daddy for middle of the night diaper changes!

Sneaky girls before the big SURPRISE!

SURPRISE! We got her good! I have never told so many lies as I did that week!

Cutest preggy Mama I've ever seen!
She is all set on diapers!

Love seeing her sweet name!

I love my beautiful BFF!

We are so excited to meet the newest member of "The Girls"!